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Julius and Macy

A Very Brave Night

Julius and Macy
Annelouise Mahoney By (author)
Annelouise Mahoney Illustrated by
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8.5 X 11.0 in
32 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Nocturnal
JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, etc.
JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Friendship


An enchanting woodland tale about bravery and friendship from a debut author-illustrator.

Julius and Macy like to play heroes. Julius pretends he’s the defender of the forest, while Macy has a quieter strength. When their snack disappears one night, they decide to track down the only one who could have taken it—the Night Goblin. They both have to be brave in their own ways, and they ultimately discover that the real thief isn’t anything like they imagined.

With its endearing characters, this gently told tale reminds us that we each have courage within us and that kindness can make all the difference.


“Watercolor illustrations further the text’s magical qualities by adding important details, such as the solitary nature of Sherwin’s home. Softly glowing with campfire and starlight, this tale is an inviting bedtime story and a gentle ode to kindness.” Booklist

“Many young listeners will appreciate the warmth and sweetness of this comforting selection as they follow the appealing, accessible tale and learn about kindness and friendship. A warm nursery tale sprinkled with traditional sugar and spice.” Kirkus Reviews

Author Bio

Annelouise Mahoney has worked in animation for DreamWorks, DIC Animation, Sony, and Saban Entertainment. She has also worked as a colorist for Marvel and Image Comics on such series as Uncanny X-Men, Generation X, and others. This is her first picture book, and it was inspired by the depths of her daughters’ friendships and the many ways they are brave, especially with someone on their side. She loves to explore the forest, can’t resist a cave, and has a lot of love for all those named Julius in her life. Annelouise lives in Southern California with her family. Learn more about her at

Annelouise Mahoney is the author-illustrator of the forthcoming picture book Julius and Macy: A Very Brave Night (Two Lions, Spring 2021)

She has worked in animation as a background painter for Dreamworks, DIC animation, Sony, Saban Entertainment. She has also worked as a colorist on such comic book series as Uncanny X-Men, Gen X, Onslaught, and others. Today as a freelance illustrator, she celebrates the magic of childhood by creating books for children. She loves stories she can step into and hopes to share such stories with you.

Annelouise lives in Southern California with her husband, two endlessly creative daughters, and mischievous rescued pets who are always up for an adventure.