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Water Memory

A Thriller

Water Memory
Daniel Pyne By (author)
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5.5 X 8.2 in
366 pg

FICTION / Thrillers / Espionage
FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological
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A fast-paced, page-turning thriller that contemplates the consequences of motherhood, memory, and crime as a commodity.

Black ops specialist Aubrey Sentro may be one concussion away from death. But when pirates seize the cargo ship she’s on, she must decide whether to risk her life to save her fellow passengers.

Sentro’s training takes over, and she’s able to elude her captors, leaving bodies in her wake. But her problems are just getting started. Her memory lapses are getting more frequent, symptoms of serial-concussion syndrome.

As she plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with the pirates, she pushes herself to survive by focusing on thoughts of her children. She’s never told them what she really does for a living, and now she might not get the chance.

While her memories make her vulnerable, motherhood makes her dangerous.


“Pyne keeps expertly mixing up his pitches long after you’ve stopped expecting anything but blazing fastballs.” Kirkus Reviews

“Fans of action flicks will enjoy.” Publishers Weekly

“A flash-bang actioner, limned in rich, organic prose…a classy read.” Booklist

“A must-read for any thriller fan looking for a different angle into the black-ops world.” Mystery & Suspense Magazine

“A deftly crafted and simply riveting read, Water Memory effectively showcases author Daniel Pyne’s impressively entertaining narrative storytelling style as a novelist.” —Midwest Book Review

“It is refreshing to see, in a genre prone to impossible super-heroic feats…, a protagonist whose injuries leave real scars…Water Memory is elevated from its genre moorings by the parallels it draws to classic seafaring literature, including Lord Jim (whose title character’s journey is echoed here) and even Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,’ excerpted for the novel’s epigraph. But neither that nor the well-placed and succinct flashbacks, illuminating the flash points in Sentro’s past that led her to this fateful moment, can distract a reader from the ripping good yarn Pyne has spun—or the prickly, endearing Aubrey Sentro, ugly scars and all.” Los Angeles Times

“A refreshing, pulse-pounding structure…Think Die Hard on a cargo ship as shell-shocked special operator Audrey Sentro finds safe passage that turns out not to be so safe at all when pirates seize the vessel…Water Memory is original, wondrously paced, and, well, memorable.” Providence Journal

Water Memory is a speedboat on steroids and Pyne’s use of the present tense and blind narrative turns fuels the propulsion. Tackle this one while you’re wide awake, hang tight until the end, and wait for Vital Signs, book two in the Sentro series, due out a year from now.” Mountain Times

“Since screenwriter and author Daniel Pyne has been involved in the writing of some of my favorite movies and TV shows, from Miami Vice to Bosch, it should have come as no surprise that I would thoroughly enjoy Water Memory. I did not realize, however, just how intense and exciting it would be, from start to finish. It is without a doubt one of those the-world-goes-away-while-I-am-reading-this type of books.” —The Nerd Daily

“Deceptively explosive, Water Memory pairs the cleverness and precision timing of Daniel Pyne’s riveting storytelling with his addictive, action-packed plotting and unforgettably vivid cast of characters.” —Karin Slaughter, New York Times and international bestselling author

Water Memory blew me away. It’s the kind of rare character-driven, adrenaline-charged action-thriller readers crave and writers dare to emulate. Aubrey Sentro is an iconic, kick-ass heroine—deeply flawed, exceptionally skilled, and exceedingly motivated. Lara Craft on steroids. A brilliant page-turner.” —Robert Dugoni, #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of A Cold Trail

“A deftly crafted thriller with a captivatingly complex lead character, Pyne’s action-packed novel builds with each surprise twist and will keep you up late turning the pages.” —Chad Zunker, Amazon Charts bestselling author of An Equal Justice

“Mother knows best, even when her memory is short-circuiting. Water Memory has everything you want in a modern-day thriller: pirates, propulsive action, and an unforgettable female lead. Pyne’s prose is elegant, evocative, extraordinary. Best book I’ve read in ages. Addictive.” —K. J. Howe, international bestselling author of Skyjack

Water Memory moves like Die Hard but with a tragic family backstory as its heart—and with an indelible, three-dimensional action heroine, Aubrey Sentro, as the muscle and sinew. I loved it.” —Barry Eisler, New York Times bestselling author

“Daniel Pyne’s Water Memory is a stylish and addictive thriller propelled by gritty action, sublime intrigue, and a brilliantly executed character twist.” —Steven Konkoly, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

“A mysterious woman on a mysterious path, danger in the future and from the past—Water Memory holds a hypnotic grip on you from the very first page. This is Daniel Pyne at his very best.” —Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Author Bio

Daniel Pyne is the author of four novels: Catalina Eddy, Fifty Mice, Twentynine Palms, and A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar. Among his many screenplays are Pacific Heights, Doc Hollywood, the remake of The Manchurian Candidate, and Fracture. He made his directorial debut with the independent film Where’s Marlowe? His list of television credits (creating, writing, and showrunning) spans Miami Vice to Bosch. Pyne has worked as a screen printer, a sportswriter, an ad man, and a cartoonist and has taught screenwriting at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television for more than two decades. He splits his time between California and New Mexico with his wife, their two rescue dogs, and a surly turtle.