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A Novel

Marc Levy By (author)
Hannah Dickens-Doyle Translated by
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For anyone who’s dreamed of immortality comes a twice-in-a-lifetime love story by Marc Levy, the phenomenal, internationally bestselling French author of P.S. from Paris and The Last of the Stanfields.

In Massachusetts, neuroscience students Luke, Josh, and Hope have formed an unbreakable and unconditional friendship. Bound by their wit, brilliance, and curiosity, they throw themselves heart and soul into their research and are on the verge of a revolution, pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Their new computer program can capture a person’s entire consciousness, memory, and personality—a digital map of the brain’s connections that promises to bridge the relationship between human and machine, between the past and the future. When Hope is diagnosed with a fatal and aggressive illness, their work takes on a new significance and urgency. Everything that defines who Hope is, and everything Luke and Josh love about her, will not be lost. Memory by memory, they’re going to make sure of it. Hope is a heartwarming story about the boundaries of love, life, and death—and what will endure with us forever.


“His best book! A killer! Buy two copies—one to mark your favorite pages, the other to keep perfectly intact on your shelf.” Le Parisien

“A true page-turner. Unputdownable. This surprising story is electrifying.” —AFP

“One of Marc Levy’s most moving plots. A beautiful ‘Sleeping Beauty’ 2.0 with a most striking heroine.” —RTL

“An extraordinary, touching, and humorous love story, on par with Jules Verne’s.” —Franceinfo

“From love that never dies to unimaginable utopias, nothing is impossible for Marc Levy! Once again, he’s written a genius story that will have many fans hooked.” Télé 7 Jours

“A surprising, moving story that immediately takes hold of the reader.” Télé-Loisirs

“A wild gamble for a story full of emotions that will make readers cry with laughter.” Le Quotidien du médecin

“From the outset, this Romeo and Juliet 3.0 whisks the reader away. The fluid writing colors the story’s twists and turns and its surprise ending and adds a touch of humor.” Télé 2 semaines

“A new, moving story of love and friendship—lighthearted and surprising. It really hits the spot.” Tribu Move

Author Bio

With more than forty million books sold, Marc Levy is the most-read French author alive today. In a nationwide poll commissioned by Le Figaro, Marc tied with Victor Hugo as the country’s number one favorite writer. He’s written twenty-one novels to date, including A Woman Like Her, The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury, The Last of the Stanfields, P.S. from Paris, The Children of Freedom, Replay, and All Those Things We Never Said.

Originally written for his son, his first novel, If Only It Were True, was later adapted into the film Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Since then, Levy has not only won the hearts of European readers; he’s won over audiences around the globe. Over two million copies of his books have been sold in China alone, and his novels have been published in forty-nine languages. He lives in New York City. Readers can learn more about him and follow his work at