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The Betrayal

The True Story of My Brush with Death in the World of Narcos and Launderers

The Betrayal
Robert Mazur By (author)
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TRUE CRIME / Organized Crime
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From Robert Mazur, undercover agent and bestselling author of The Infiltrator, comes the riveting true story of grave corruption at the heart of one of the most explosive DEA missions of his career.

Three years after undercover agent Robert Mazur infiltrated Pablo Escobar’s Medellín drug cartel, he reemerged, a half-million-dollar bounty still on his head, with a new identity for a risky new sting. He was now Robert Baldasare, money launderer and president of an international trade finance company. Deployed to Panama, Mazur worked, traveled, partied, and washed millions with Central America’s criminal elite. Partnered with a young superstar DEA task force agent, Mazur slipped effortlessly into Colombia’s notorious Cali drug cartel. But as his underworld reputation skyrocketed, the operation started going dangerously off the rails.

On US soil, drug money en route to Mazur was seized. He started to notice an unsettling shift in the cartel’s inner circle. Contacts were being assassinated, and Mazur was being tailed. His identity had been compromised. Refusing to acknowledge the threats ahead, Mazur was obsessed with seeing the mission through to its treacherous end: expose the Cali cartel, find out who betrayed him, and escape with his life.


“Admirers of his previous book will appreciate this thrilling real-life sequel.” Publishers Weekly

“Suspenseful memoir of undercover narcotics work…An eye-opening insider’s look at the financial aspects of the international drug trade.” Kirkus Reviews

“Mazur’s latest true-crime thriller will leave readers on the edge of their seats. The inherent danger of undercover life—all guts and little glamour—is portrayed vividly. A transfixing read.” Booklist

“Robert Mazur delivers again with The Betrayal. As with its predecessor, The Infiltrator, Mazur artfully takes the reader through the harrowing account of life as an undercover cop embedded in the drug cartels. In my career I take on characters in life-or-death situations, but I just can’t imagine how Mazur does it for real! Read it and find out. I highly recommend it.” —Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad and winner of Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globe Awards for best actor

The Betrayal details the malicious world of drugs and money laundering and the danger of being a DEA undercover agent infiltrating these organizations. A book you can’t put down, nor will you.” —Joseph Pistone a.k.a. Donnie Brasco, author of Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia

“This book is a must-read…No one in law enforcement is more lethally vulnerable to the betrayal of those they depend on for support and protection than the deep-cover agent—the unarmed operative who, like human bait, places themselves into isolated situations where the only thing protecting them from an instant death is their acting ability.” —Michael Levine, author of the New York Times bestseller Deep Cover and The Big White Lie

The Betrayal is a page-turning thriller about a courageous agent’s simultaneous journey through a deadly vise of internal corruption and the ruthless threat of cartel killers. This is the unfortunate reality of the underworld.” —Michael S. Vigil, former DEA chief of international operations and author of Deal

“FATF was created to help governments follow the money and reduce the harm caused by drug traffickers and terrorists. Robert Mazur repeatedly put his life on the line to do just that. This isn’t fiction. It’s the real deal and scary as hell.” —David Lewis, former executive secretary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global watchdog against money laundering

Author Bio

Robert Mazur spent twenty-seven years as a special agent for the IRS Criminal Investigation division, the Customs Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. He is the bestselling author of the memoir The Infiltrator, which was adapted into a major motion picture starring Bryan Cranston. Mazur is a court-certified expert in international drug trafficking and money laundering and is the president of KYC Solutions, Inc., a firm that provides speaking, expert witness, and consulting services to companies worldwide. His writings about money laundering, international drug trafficking, and corruption have been published in many journals and media outlets, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He has also appeared on more than 1,500 radio and television shows, including NPR’s All Things Considered and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, as well as on CNN, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, Univision, BBC, and other major networks. For more information, visit