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The Beekeeping Handbook

A Practical Apiary Guide for the Yard, Garden, and Rooftop

The Beekeeping Handbook
Vivian Head By (author)
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Fox Chapel Publishing

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This book will tell you everything you need to know - from the cost of the set-up process and keeping your bees happy and healthy, to selling your produce and how to deal with stings. Provides the backyard farmer and honey artisan with all the fundamental knowledge needed for beekeeping.


This brief beginner's guide to beekeeping provides basic instruction for getting started with this interesting backyard hobby. Opening with a short discussion of bee anatomy and behavior, the work covers topics such as selecting beekeeping equipment, purchasing bees, a typical beekeeper's annual calendar, pests and diseases, honey harvesting, and bee breeding. Chapters include hand illustrations and convenient task checklists. Head raises chickens and bees in East Sussex, UK

The Beekeeping Handbook actually surprised me. I figured it would be a rehashing of the same old same old. In a way, it is, however done in such a way that you don't fall asleep. Ms. Head's instructions and advice are clear and concise. The yearly check list is something that I find immensely helpful. The book will actually replace all the other reference materials that I have on bee keeping, as she has included everything, including trouble shooting. It's easy to follow, without muddying the waters or causing confusion in the what you should do's. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in beekeeping. It's release in April is good timing for those of you that wish to get into the practice this year

Author Bio

Vivian Head is an ardent cook, gardener and author who lives in a country cottage in East Sussex, in the United Kingdom. When she is not busy writing, she tends her allotment and kitchen herb garden, which is also home to her chickens and four beehives.