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The Miracle of Salt

Recipes and Techniques to Preserve, Ferment, and Transform Your Food

The Miracle of Salt
Naomi Duguid By (author)
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Weaving together history, culinary science, and an expansive array of recipes, The Miracle of Salt is the first cookbook to explore the magic of salt in the global foodscape, from the beloved, innovative, James Beard Award–winning author Naomi Duguid.


“[A] mesmerizing mix of recipes and food history. She begins with salt’s effects on flavor and texture, which include tenderizing, muting bitterness, heightening sweetness, and strengthening the gluten in some doughs. . . . Duguid makes a convincing case that instead of modern dispositions to simply ‘watch’ overall salt intake, cooks can better learn to judiciously wield its flavorful powers.”
Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW
“Duguid has a scholar’s love of research, a cook’s hunger, and a journalist’s talent for storytelling. . . . She explains how [salt] works, how it’s used to ferment and preserve, how to make miso, sauerkraut and basturma, and what to cook with salt-preserved ingredients, such as fish sauce, salt cod and kimchi. The recipes are from all over the world and her knowledge is staggering. I wish Duguid had written this 20 years ago but we’re lucky she’s done it now. Simply brilliant.” 
—Diana Henry, The Telegraph (U.K.), The Best Cookbooks to Buy in Autumn 2022
“Naomi Duguid does not write mere cookbooks, but immersive explorations of a place or topic withrecipes. Think of The Miracle of Salt as a super fun and authoritative course book with luscious photos. The topic, salt, is ubiquitous and essential, and it takes a special writer like Ms. Duguid to avoid cliché, cover necessary ground and also surprise and delight readers and cooks. A big chunk is devoted to the traditions and techniques of preserving and fermenting food, but this tasty tome also covers starters and sides, mains (mostly veg, some meat and fish), desserts and drinks. I don't have a major sweet tooth, but I can't resist a cookie or bowl of ice cream with a salty kick, so that's what I'll be gravitating towards. I've never had a miss with any of her recipes — they are as trustworthy as a Swiss clock, but casual like a favourite pair of jeans." 
CBC, Booksellers Share Their Favourite Releases of the Season

The Miracle of Salt is a marvelous achievement that not only demonstrates why salt is a permanent fixture in our kitchens but also reinforces this staple ingredient’s impact on culture and society across the globe.”
—Nik Sharma, author of the James Beard Award–nominated book The Flavor Equation
“If you’re looking to explore new flavors, ingredients, and techniques—plus understand the cultural context that brought them forward—there is no better guide than Naomi Duguid. In The Miracle of Salt, she will introduce you to a whole new world of salty, umami, richness and inspire you to reimagine even your most classic recipes with fermented and preserved flavors.”
Einat Admony, author of Balaboosta and Shuk

Author Bio

Naomi Duguid is a writer, photographer, traveler, and home cook. Her recent cookbook Taste of Persia is the winner of a James Beard Award, an IACP Cookbook Award, and a Taste Canada Award. Her book Burma: Rivers of Flavor is also an IACP Cookbook Award and Taste Canada Award winner. Her six previous award-winning titles, co-authored with Jeffrey Alford, include two now-classic cookbooks that won the James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year: Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker’s Atlas and Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia. Naomi leads small-group food-immersive trips to the Republic of Georgia and elsewhere. She is a Trustee of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, and is a frequent guest speaker and presenter at food conferences, particularly those focused on grains. She lives in Toronto. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @naomiduguid.