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NLP Workbook

A Practical Guide to Achieving the Results You Want

NLP Workbook
Joseph O'Connor By (author)
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PSYCHOLOGY / Applied Psychology
PSYCHOLOGY / Neuropsychology


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies brilliance and quality—how outstanding individuals and organizations get their outstanding results.
Joseph O’Conner, a leading international NLP trainer and co-author of the bestselling Introducing NLP, offers a step-by-step guide to learning the NLP methods and techniques to help you become the person you want to be in the NLP Workbook.
The NLP Workbook is a complete guide to NLP that includes:
  • How to create and achieve outcomes
  • How to choose your emotional state and shift thinking
  • Meta modeling your own internal dialogue
  • All of the basic NLP techniques and training exercises
  • An Action Plan with exercises and suggestions for skill-building
O’Conner discusses a range of topics from rapport and trust, and how to visualize, to negotiation skills, mental rehearsal and coaching.
NLP Workbook is a book for everyone and anyone interested in NLP. The neophyte will find definitions, examples, and a step-by-step entry into learning how to use NLP, and trainers will discover many new ideas for NLP training. 

Author Bio

Joseph O'Connor is a leading international NLP trainer, writer and consultant. He is the author of seventeen books including the bestselling Introducing NLP and Leading with NLP. His books have been translated into thirty languages and have sold over half a million copies worldwide. O'Connor is the director and cofounder of Lambent, an International Training and Consulting company based in Sao Paulo and London.