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The Stickler’s Guide to Science in the Age of Misinformation

The Real Science Behind Hacky Headlines, Crappy Clickbait, and Suspect Sources

The Stickler’s Guide to Science in the Age of Misinformation
R. Philip Bouchard By (author)
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6.0 X 9.0 in
280 pg

SCIENCE / Life Sciences / General
SCIENCE / History
SCIENCE / Global Warming & Climate Change


A wise and witty look at the real scientific principles behind some of the most commonly held—and widely spread—scientific misconceptions. 

Author Bio

R. Philip Bouchard is a lifelong “natural science nerd” with a track record of creating successful educational media. As a software engineer and educator, he designed the famous 1985 computer game The Oregon Trail, which went on to sell 65 million copies. Smithsonian magazine called the game "a cultural landmark” and TIME named it as one of the best ten videogames of all time. Bouchard holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in botany from the University of Georgia and the University of Texas at Austin. He frequently publishes fun, insightful educational essays on the natural sciences on