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This is Not the End

Conversations on Borderline Personality Disorder

This is Not the End
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PSYCHOLOGY / Psychopathology / Personality Disorders
SELF-HELP / General


"I fight because it's not over. It doesn't end here." 

In this unique collection, individuals of all ages and stages share their experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Within this audiobook, you'll find an honest portrait of what it's like to live with BPD, from the perspective of people with BPD and their loved ones - spouses, siblings, and parents, as well as mental health professionals. 

By turns heartbreaking and inspiring, this collection of real-life stories, personal essays, and candid interviews explores what a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis looks like - from the inside. Also featuring an in-depth overview of BPD and its common treatment methods, this book is a necessary tool for expanding your self-exploration and deepening your understanding of this confusing and often destructive disorder.

Author Bio

Tabetha studied Psychological Sciences at California State University San Marcos, and is working towards a Registered Nursing licensure. Her goal is to design and implement a treatment program for women that combines and promotes physical, mental and social well-being.

She has run the BPD Awareness page for over 6 years, working to grow and expand the page. the page's goal is to work to end the stigma associated with BPD and to raise awareness. It's daily activities including helping followers find services in their area, or through online resources.

Her desire to reach out to those affected by BPD comes from the struggle she herself has faced as both the sibling and legal guardian of a person who struggles with this disorder. Through her own struggles and search for answers to help her loved one, she found that sharing the information helped her move from understanding and implementing what worked for her family, so fighting the stigma associated with the disorder.

You can find the Awareness Page at: