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Everyone Can Cook Slow Cooker Meals

Recipes for Satistying Mains and Delicious Sides

Everyone Can Cook Slow Cooker Meals
Eric Akis By (author)
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Known for his accessible approach to cooking, Eric Akis returns to the Everyone Can Cook series with recipes for your slow cooker, which is quickly becoming the must-have appliance for every home cook.

It was only five years ago that Eric became a “slow cooker convert”�slow cookers were something that at first didn’t interest him at all. For the professionally trained chef and accomplished food writer, the idea of throwing everything in a pot and leaving it for eight hours seemed a little bit like a cop-out. All it took, however, was one recipe (a beef chili), and Eric was hooked.

The slow cooker is actually incredibly versatile, great not just for stews, but for seafood soups (the seafood added at the last minute), baby back ribs, cabbage rolls, and duck confit!

Everyone Can Cook Slow Cooker Meals is filled with delicious dishes and perfect sides, whether you’re cooking for a workday or a special occasion.

Fire up your slow cooker and make�

Split Pea Soup with Smoked Ham and Herbs

Barley Risotto with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and

Grilled Asparagus

Poached Fish in a Saffron, Orange and

Fennel Broth

Durban-Style Chicken Curry

Sake Soy Short Ribs

Beans with Canadian Bacon and

Blackstrap Molasses

Author Bio

Eric Akis has worked in many fine restaurants and run a successful catering business. He writes a food column for many newspapers and magazines.