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The Vancouver Sketchbook

Lush Landscapes, Vibrant Streetscapes, Soaring Skyline

The Vancouver Sketchbook
T.K. Justin Ng By (author)
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9.3 X 9.3 in
176 pg

TRAVEL / Canada / Western Provinces (AB, BC)
TRAVEL / Essays & Travelogues
ART / Subjects & Themes / Landscapes & Seascapes


From the snow-capped mountains to Stanley Park, Gastown to Chinatown, False Creek to UBC, come discover the rich history, culture, and stunning beauty of Vancouver. Part travelogue, part guidebook and celebration, Ng's vibrant, colourful sketches and lively text are the perfect companion to appreciating Vancouver's spatial richness and cultural diversity.

"Rather than creating an art book," says author T.K. Justin Ng, "I am much more interested in making a book that explores Vancouver's pictorial identity through a selective webbing of personal observations and history. Straddling between a guide and a journal, this book is for tourists and Vancouverites alike."


"Part travelogue, part guidebook and in celebration, Ng's vibrant, colorful sketches and lively text are the perfect companion for visitors and residents to appreciating Vancouver's spatial richness and cultural diversity."
Midwest Book Review

"Ng's watercolours create an intimate and personal connection to the city. Through his eyes the city is rendered soft and inviting to the urban wanderer. . . Beautifully illustrated sketches and watercolours, and Ng takes the reader on his personal journey through the city via his active artwork. . . (A) welcome addition to a Vancouver bibliophile's collection or a lovely gift to a homesick expat."
The Ormsby Review

"The beauty of Vancouver comes to life off the pages of this stunning book which features the beauty of the city from various locations including Stanley Park, Gastown, Chinatown, snow-capped mountains, Stanley Park, False Creek, and UBC. Check out the rich history of Vancouver in this book that's half travelogue and half guidebook. The Vancouver Sketchbook is a celebration of the city shown through vivid and colorful sketches by Ng which are paired with vibrant text to create the ideal pairing that shows the spatial richness and diverse culture of Vancouver. Ng's plan is to do more than creating an art book, but create a book that explores the city through its identity through pictures by focusing on Vancouver's history and Ng's own observations."
Manhattan Book Review

Author Bio

T.K. Justin Ng
is a designer and artist who records his travels around the world onto sketchbooks. In the ever-digitizing world, he sketches to experience the nuances of light, sound and smell, qualities of architecture that can only be felt on-location. His first book, An Urban Sketcher's Guide to Helsinki, published by Nemo Publishing of Finland, explores the streets of several Nordic cities. Ng is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and a student at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.