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Friendship and Community Book Set of 4

Friendship and Community Book Set of 4
Seb Braun By (author)
John Light By (author)
Mark Birchall By (author)
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Child's Play

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9.8 X 10.6 in
144 pg

JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Friendship


Each book in this set focuses on friendship and how important it is to get along with others. Whether you are playing, working, or having a bad day, your mood can resonate how you are feeling. These books relate with children as they become connected with each story. Focus: optimism, friendship, sharing, playing, success, respect, resilience.

Author Bio

Sebastien Braun was born in Strasbourg, the hometown of Gustav Doré and Tomi Ungerer (his heroes). As a child he spent countless hours drawing, but at secondary school there were no art classes, so he filled his homework with doodles and portraits of his teachers. At university he initially studied history – fortunately, the building was shared with the art department, and when he saw the students sketching, knew he had to change. After that, he spent a few years teaching applied art to sixth formers, before taking the plunge as a freelance illustrator. His first commissions were for magazines in Paris, and when he moved to London, he developed his portfolio for children’s books.

Apart from creating pictures, Seb’s favourite pastimes are making toys from wood, playing with his children and climbing the Cotswold hills on his vintage road bike.

Hello everyone!>I'm a Children's book Author/Illustrator and I live in Cornwall England with my husband Malcolm, my two dogs Bertie and Floyd, and one Cat called 'Woolen'.
All of my stories for Children are inspired by my Animals and the environment in which I live.
My latest book 'Max and the Doglins' has recently won the "Read it Again" Cambridgeshire Children's picture book award, which I'm thrilled about because it was a book award judged entirely by Children. I'm currently working upon a sequel to 'Max.'
When I'm not writing and illustrating I like to play the guitar (allbeit badly) and make Bears and other creatures from my drawings.

For many years John Light taught chemistry at the University of London, but is now a full-time writer, artist and publisher.

He likes art, music, science, gardening and watching the sea.

As well as stories for children, he writes poetry both for children, and for people who used to be children. He also writes science-fiction novels.

Mark grew up in the northwest of England. His heroes were Nelson, Achilles, and Roger Hunt the footballer.

He went to art college in Liverpool and Norwich, where he graduated in graphic-design. When he decided he’d like to illustrate children’s books he went to writing-classes at Kensington & Chelsea College, hoping to find somebody there who could write stories for him to illustrate. Instead he found that he liked writing too. When he realized that he didn’t know how to do the pictures he went to Chelsea College of Art to study illustration. He occasionally teaches there now.

Mark lives in London. He doesn’t have any pets but some of his best friends have been cats and dogs.