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The Chaos Kind

The Chaos Kind
Barry Eisler By (author)
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FICTION / Thrillers / Espionage
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The assassins of Barry Eisler’s #1 bestseller The Killer Collective are back—and this time, it’s chaos.

Assistant US Attorney Alondra Diaz hates traffickers. And she’s determined to put one of America’s most powerful financiers, Andrew Schrader, in prison forever for his crimes against children.

But Schrader has videos implicating some of the most powerful members of the US national security state. To eliminate Diaz, the powers that be bring in a contractor: Marvin Manus, an implacable assassin whose skills have been forged in intelligence, the military, and the hardest prisons.

Enter former Marine sniper Dox and black-ops veteran Daniel Larison with an unusual assignment: not to kill Diaz, but to keep her alive.

A lot of players are determined to acquire the videos and the blackmail power they represent. But with Seattle sex-crimes detective Livia Lone, “natural causes” killer John Rain, and ex-Mossad honey-trap specialist Delilah, the good guys might just have a chance.

They’re not going to play by anyone else’s rules. They’re not going to play by any rules at all. They want a different kind of fight. The chaos kind.


“The author himself narrates a fantasy-thriller that reunites a team of snipers, detectives, and assassins.… Eisler's story—with its colorful cast of characters, pulse-pounding action, and snappy dialogue—is fantastic in audio form. Fans of the first book will be delighted, and those who are unfamiliar will be pulled in by the audiobook's breakneck pacing and blockbuster movie feel.” AudioFile Magazine

“Another high-fatality, high-spirited revenge fantasy.” Kirkus Reviews

“Eisler juggles the complicated plot and large cast, imbuing his diverse characters with robust backstory and emotional motivation.” Publishers Weekly

Author Bio

New York Times bestselling author Barry Eisler spent three years in a covert position with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, then worked as a technology lawyer and start-up executive in Silicon Valley and Japan, earning his black belt at the Kodokan Judo Institute along the way. Eisler’s award-winning thrillers have been included in numerous Best Of lists, have been translated into nearly twenty languages, and include the #1 bestsellers The Detachment, Livia Lone, The Night Trade, and The Killer Collective. Eisler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and, when he’s not writing novels, blogs about national security and the media. For more information, visit

Barry Eisler colaboró durante tres años con la Dirección de Operaciones de la CIA (hoy Servicio Clandestino Nacional) en calidad de agente encubierto; a continuación ejerció la abogacía en el ámbito tecnológico y trabajó de ejecutivo en Silicon Valley y Japón, a la vez que obtenía su cinturón negro de judo en el Instituto Kodokan. Sus novelas de intriga figuran en numerosas listas de éxitos, se han traducido a veinte idiomas e incluyen el número uno de ventas The Detachment, así como la primera entrega protagonizada por Livia Lone (publicada en español en 2016). Vive en la bahía de San Francisco, desde donde también escribe cuadernos de bitácora digitales sobre tortura, libertades civiles y el Estado de Derecho. Más información en