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The CBD Beauty Book

Make your own natural beauty products with the goodness extracted from hemp

The CBD Beauty Book
Colleen Quinn By (author)
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HEALTH & FITNESS / Beauty & Grooming
SELF-HELP / Fashion & Style


Discover how to use CBD oil in homemade natural beauty products to harness its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to help with acne, ageing and much more.


“Colleen Quinn is the perfect ambassador to the wonderful synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanical skincare. Her recipes are both aromatically exquisite and deeply effective. They are now staples in my cabinet, replacing all other predecessors. Her book, packed with education, helpful charts, and plant history, will leave you wanting to learn more.” – Amalthea Birkholz, podcast producer

“The first of its kind, this comprehensive book is must for the home user & practitioners” – Prashanti Vodanovich, Creator and Director of Curacolab

"Colleen's passion is clearly evident in this engaging guide to making the powerful healing possibilities of CBD beauty accessible to everyone. As a CBD Beauty founder, I have learned firsthand the variety of uses of CBD in beauty and now Colleen is giving you the invaluable information to do it yourself." – Casey Georgeson, Founder/CEO of Saint Jane Beauty

“Accurate, practical, health-centered, and delivered with love, the CBD Beauty Book makes this skin (and life) changing treatment accessible to anyone.” – Dr Dustin Sulak, Founder and Medical Director of Healer

“This book took me straight into my blending kitchen, I couldn’t wait to try out the recipes. The perfect partner for those discovering CBD.” – Wendy Belcour, Director of International School of Health and Well-Being EIBE

Author Bio

Colleen Quinn is a highly experienced, celebrated Clinical Aromatherapist, cosmetic formulator, and researcher. Committed to delivering functional therapeutic plant-based products, Colleen has traveled the globe on a quest for knowledge innovation and the best quality ingredients from dedicated sustainable farmers in order to create therapeutic benefits in skin and health care. Colleen currently specializes in cannabis research, formulations, and sourcing. She lives in Northern Ireland.