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Mindfulness and Coloring for Cats

Be more cat with mantras and meditations to have you feline fine

Mindfulness and Coloring for Cats
Rus Hudda By (author)
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Cats, start living in the moment with this collection of calming images to color in and expert advice on how to live a mindful lifestyle.

Cats live a stressful life, what with being expected to operate on just 16 hours of sleep a day and having to cope with unexpected trips to the vet or a particularly stubborn hairball. So how can the modern cat keep calm and carry on in the face of battles with the evil tabby next door or not being allowed to sleep on the bed? Why, coloring in of course. 

Don’t let the fact cats don’t have thumbs put you off, cats love coloring! Just listen to any cat's purrs of delight while adding some creative kitty flourishes to drawings of their favorite toys and treats. And if that doesn’t get a cat calmer than a marathon grooming session, the mindful moggy meditations and exercises will definitely increase inner pussy peace and encourage access to catnip.

Author Bio

Rus Hudda is creator of the brilliant Eat, Sleep, Sniff, a series of diary comics about his life with his cat, Tali. He is also the author of Cool Cats and Fashion Felines and the popular Cats Dressed As Geeks series, and is the in-house illustrator for Cats Protection. He is based in South East England.