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Know Your Clouds

Know Your Clouds
Tim Harris By (author)
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Fox Chapel Publishing

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80 pg

NATURE / Sky Observation


Discover tons of fascinating information about different cloud families, unique cloud characteristics, optical phenomena – from rainbows to light crystals. Filled with beautiful photography and remarkable details about each cloud’s composition, appearance, cause, and more, Know Your Clouds is a must-have pocket guide for readers of all ages.

Author Bio

Tim Harris has written books about nature and the environment for both children and adults, including the award-winning Migration Hotspots: the World's Best Bird Migration Sites. He lives on the edge of Epping Forest in London, England, and has been fascinated by all aspects of the natural world since a young age. After studying Norwegian glaciers at university, his quest for wildlife has seen him explore the giant dunes of the Namib Desert, climb the slopes of Popocatapetl in Mexico, camp in the Sumatran rainforest, and search the frozen Sea of Okhotsk for sea-eagles.