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Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards
Andrés Engracia By (author)
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Rockpool Publishing

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5.0 X 7.5 in
120 pg

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Divination / Tarot
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mysticism
RELIGION / Spirituality


The beautifully illustrated 36-card deck brings to life the stories and mystical knowledge of some of history's most fascinating spiritual and mystical figures. From St. Anthony to St. Theresa, Aristotle to Dion Fortune to William Blake, each card presents inspiring men and women along with ways to connect to their great wisdom and eternal spirits.


"Designed by a practicing psychic medium, this deck honors men and women who expanded our awareness of spiritual consciousness during the time they spent incarnate in the physical world. The guidebook provides historical background and brief divinatory interpretations for each card. Engracia's rich illustrations provide the symbolism and emotion necessary to move beyond a mundane connection to each figure. (36-card deck & 88-page full-color guidebook)" --Anna JedrziewskiRetailing Insight, NOV/DEC 2018 issueRetailing Insights - Anna Jedrziewski

Author Bio

Andrés Engracia is a psychic medium and artist who connects with his Spanish-Mexican ancestry line of clairvoyant psychics and brujas to bring understanding of the connections between cultural and mystical practices.