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The Elemental Oracle

Alchemy Science Magic

The Elemental Oracle
Stacey Demarco By (author)
Kinga Britschgi Illustrated by
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Rockpool Publishing

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4.0 X 5.5 in
180 pg

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Magick Studies
SCIENCE / Cosmology


You don't have to use your imagination to feel the power of alchemy and magic—they are potently available in the elements that surround you!

Our ancestors harnessed the powers of earth, air, fire, and water, and north, south, east, and west; these have been key parts of pagan and witchcraft traditions for millennia. Now it's your turn! Modern science has revealed active energies such as electricity, gravity, magnetism, atoms, and even the mysterious dark matter. All of these can be used within this oracle in alchemic magic.

All energies—from the smallest atom to the greatest solar power, from east to west, and from your own breath to fierce storms—are used here in these 44 stunning full-color cards. Combining the ancient key energies of the elements with science gives us a unique and authentic new way to work with them.

Each card features an ancient word of power from the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, or Celt traditions to enliven it.

Author Bio

Stacey Demarco, the Modern Witch, is passionate about bringing practical magic to everyone and inspiring people to have a deeper connection with nature. Her oracle card decks include the bestselling Queen of the Moon Oracle, Divine Animals Oracle, and The Elemental Oracle, all illustrated by Kinga Britshigi. Stacey has been the creator of the annual Lunar and Seasonal Diary since 2011, which features southern and northern hemisphere editions.

Stacey is the founder of Natureluster, which educates and works to reconnect people to the health-giving power of nature. She is also an animal activist, ethical beekeeper, and dedicated adventure traveler, and lives by the beach on a cliff in Sydney with her husband and furry companions.

Kinga Britschgi is an award-winning Hungarian digital artist and illustrator.
Illustrator’s website: