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Living in Harmony with Your Cat

Living in Harmony with Your Cat
Marisa Vestita Illustrated by
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White Star Publishers

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5.6 X 7.6 in
128 pg

PETS / Cats / General


Cats can be mysterious creatures. So, how do you integrate them into your world? This guide helps you live in harmony with your kitty. How do you welcome a new kitten? What is the best food for your cat? Why do cats behave in certain ways? How do they perceive their surroundings? What should you do if it gets sick? All these questions and more receive expert answers.

Author Bio

Enrico Ercole has written for the most important Italian magazines for cat lovers. He also created a number of special issues dedicated to cat breeds. His books include I gatti a pelo lungo e semilungo (Longhair and Medium Hair Cats), I gatti a pelo corto (Shorthair Cats), and I gatti: le razze più rare (Rarest Cat Breeds), all published by Sprea Books. He is the curator of “Gattoni animati,” an exhibition about cats in cartoons that took place in WOW Spazio Fumetto – Comics Museum, Milan.

Marisa Vestita studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Lecce and did internships in comics, stage design, and stagecraft. She is interested in applying computer technology to art and completed a course in digital graphic design at the IED (European Institute of Design). Marisa’s work appears in exhibitions throughout Italy and she has collaborated with major Italian publishing houses and magazines. For White Star Kids, she has illustrated What Sound Does It Make?Le Favole di Esopo (Aesop’s Fables), and Le Favole di La Fontaine (La Fontaine’s Fables). She lives in Milan.